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PyMQI 1.2 is coming soon

December 3rd, 2010

To all Python & WebSphere MQ hackers out there – I think I’ll be releasing PyMQI 1.2 in a month or so – the biggest features include support for MQRFH2 headers and byte strings in PCF/MQAI calls.

MQRFH2 headers, a feature implemented by Hannes Wagener, should be of interest to anyone working with WebSphere Message Broker or Java JMS applications while byte strings make a whole new class of PCF calls available to Python code, think of things such as issuing MQCMD_INQUIRE_CONNECTION commands.

Other things worth mentioning are new structures – MQTM/ MQTMC2 (also by Hannes) and making the API more PEP-8 compliant while retaining backward compatibility of course – I know of people who have been running PyMQI applications basically unattended since Python 2.3 so making sure it doesn’t break now is a must.

If you have any particular needs that haven’t been covered in the tracker yet, please open a ticket and let me know about it. If you’d like to see more usage examples, don’t hesitate to contact me directly or through Launchpad. Thanks!


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